Capturing the breezy spirit of summer, this stylish sandal in plain calf leather comes on a chunky textile-covered wedge heel printed with the LV logo. POSTCARD SANDAL
Already a bag noted for its beautiful shape and signature golden brass frame, the Déesse GM is perfect for day or evening functions. Exquisite alligator leather distinguishes it even further. DÉESSE GM

Louis Vuitton


When he was only sixteen years old, Louis Vuitton made a decision that would not only changehis own life but the lives of his sons and future generations: he would become a trunk-master. A LEGENDARY WORKSHOP Both a family residence and the cradle of the company, the Asnières site has been the symbol of the Vuitton family's personal and commercial success since 1859. AN UNPICKABLE LOCK In 1886, Georges Vuitton revolutionized luggage locks with an ingenious closing system that turned travel trunks into real treasure chests. 100TH ANNIVERSARY The brand asked six designers to create original pieces to celebrate the iconic canvas that was created over a century ago: the Monogram.

  • Manager: Jade Hantouche